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Bunkie (Model 122800)




Above is only a selection of the styles, features and options available.
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Let’s make this EZ

A quick look at an EZ shed build

Every kit comes ready for easy DIY assembly

In fact, you don’t need expensive power tools or to cut anything at all! Just follow along our detailed instructions and organized kits that include everything from windows and doors to hardware and keys.

Looking for more info? Check the FAQ sections on each product page

EZ log structures are the best value available, period.

You simply cannot buy the raw materials and make something of this look or quality for the same money! With our solid stacked wall construction you have beautiful smooth interior and exterior finishes ready for your customization.

Looking for more info? Check the FAQ sections on each product page.


Quality doors, windows and hardware included

Solid, quality spruce lumber

Forget cheap particleboard and wonky framing!

Every EZ structure is engineered, kiln dried, mature forest spruce. Our tongue and groove assembly locks everything together for a sturdy and air-tight structure.

Looking for more info? Check the FAQ sections on each product page

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Making the best choice

Why choose EZ Log Bunkies & Cottages?
EZ Log is a new way to build and

  • Technology: Don’t confuse the “Log” in our name with problematic and leaky traditional round log construction. Our state-of-the-art CNC machining means precision and design that was once only dreamed of.
  • Affordability: We’ve perfected our production efficiency to pass on incredible savings to our customers. We invite you to find a comparable product at an equivalent price!
  • Fit and Finish: Smooth milled interior and exterior walls as well as quality windows, doors and casings are a hallmark of EZ Log construction.

What if I’m not able to DIY?
You’re not alone. In fact, many people choose to have a local handyman or contractor assemble their EZ Log kit (if possible, we will refer you to someone experienced in your area). Many kits take just a few hours with workers often surprised by just how easy and clear our kits go together!

EZ Log Kit Basics

What’s included?
EZ Log building kits offer great value and are the most complete log building kits on the market. Kits contain everything needed to get your structure to lock up stage including:

  • Pressure treated foundation beams
  • Pre-cut kiln dried T&G wall boards (single or double grooved) for exterior and interior walls
  • Skirting and kiln dried floor boards*
  • Storm bars and metal support bars where required
  • Roof boards, trim and facia boards
  • Exterior wooden doors and wood frame tilt/turn windows (single or double pane, depending on kit) with trim and hardware
  • Interior wooden doors
  • Assembly kit and installation manual

Do kits come painted/stained?
No, EZ Log structures come ready for your choice and application of paint and/or stain.

Are structures 4 seasons/winterized?
Most EZ Log log building kits we sell are used seasonally. While our structures are virtually air-tight, the precision milled timber walls on their own do not provide adequate insulation. Insulation can be added by attaching rigid foam on the inside or outside of all outside walls and roofing. Contact us for more information and we’d be happy to discuss with you – we have the know-how to turn nearly any EZ Log building into a building code compliant all season home.

What should I use for roofing?
Most EZ Log kits come with a simple asphalt roof membrane, which is sufficient for simple garden sheds or garden houses. You can choose to use long lasting fibreglass shingles, metal roofing or whatever suits your style and budget.

Can I customize my structure/kit?
Yes! EZLog building kits offer a lot of flexibility, and especially for larger structures we can offer different styles of windows and doors, larger windows or different flooring.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and to get a custom quote on any other EZLog structure with your desired options.

Do I need a Building Permit?
We can advise based on our experience but always recommend researching approvals with your Municipality prior to purchase. Most urban regions require building permits for structures over 108 sq ft. (some regions or specific applications do not require permits).

For larger garden houses, cabins or homes, our structures can be modified to meet snow and wind load permit specifications.

Ordering and Delivery

How long does it take to get a building kit?
Many buildings are in stock and are available immediately.  If the building needs to be ordered from our factory, the lead-time is generally 5-8 weeks depending on the building and time of year.

Do you offer delivery and how do the buildings get shipped?
Yes, we offer delivery. We have a specially designed and custom-built trailer that allows us to gently lower the kit to the ground at your property.

Can the buildings be shipped on a common carrier?
Yes, it is best if it is an open deck trailer as this is easiest to load and unload. If shipped on a common carrier, provisions to unload must be made on your end. If shipping in a “van” style trailer, the kit will likely need extra packaging to avoid damage.

Can I pick my building up?
Yes, kits are available for pick at in our distribution and display centre in Walkerton, ON


Animated Easy Assembly Process


Do EZ Log structures really require no cutting?
Yes, take a look at this animated video that shows the complete assembly process! 

Will you answer all of my questions?

Yes, we’re proud of our product and happy to ensure that you’re confident in purchasing an EZ Log structure from us!

More info & specifics on models is available in our catalogue:




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Our smart cottages and bunkies
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